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Price of polysilicon rises steadily, domestic supply reaches a new high

Source: Xinyu Chen Technology Co. Ltd.   Time:2020-08-05 20:15:08

Polaris solar photovoltaic network news: in May 2017, the price of polycrystalline silicon showed a steady upward trend. In May, the average price of domestic polysilicon was 116500 yuan / ton, up 5.3% month on month and 20.4% lower than the same period last year. The weekly average price increased by 5.6% from 112000 yuan / ton at the end of April to 118300 yuan / ton at the end of May. The main reason for the moderate rise of polysilicon price is the stimulation of "630" policy of terminal installation and grid connection, and the delay of "630" policy forms a strong support for the continuation of polysilicon demand. Domestic silicon manufacturers have no inventory, and the price rise is full of motivation under the condition of increasing demand and short supply.

In May, the average price of international first-class materials was US $13.43/kg, up 0.3% month on month; the average price of 156mm polycrystalline silicon chip was $0.566/piece, up 3.3% month on month; the average price of polysilicon cell chip was $0.203/w, up 6.3% month on month; the average price of crystalline silicon module was 0.335 US dollars / watt, 1.2% month on month. Since the end of February 2016, the price of solar cells began to decline and rebounded for the first time at the end of April 2017, which directly reflects the recovery of photovoltaic demand.

In May, the domestic polysilicon output was about 20700 tons, with a month on month increase of 4.0% and a year-on-year increase of 19.7%. In May, there were 18 enterprises in production, and one new one was added. Henan star new material, formerly known as Wannian silicon industry, was put into production in April and discharged stably in May. On the one hand, new production capacity was added, and on the other hand, the first and second tier factories were trying to maximize their production capacity. In May, except for normal maintenance at the end of the month in Tianhong, Shaanxi, the rest of the enterprises basically maintained full production or even over production. In May, Jiangsu Zhongneng, Xinte energy and Xinjiang Daquan ranked the top three, accounting for 54% of the total output. In April, the output of seven ten thousand ton enterprises, including Zhongneng, Tebian, Zhongsi, Yongxiang, Zhongya, Daquan and Saiwei, totaled 16300 tons, accounting for 78.9% of the total domestic output.

According to the latest statistics of the customs, in April 2017, China's polysilicon import volume was 10262 tons, a decrease of 18.1% month on month; in April, the average import price was 14.94 US dollars / kg, down 5.1% month on month. There are three points worthy of attention: first, the import volume from South Korea still ranks first. In April, the import volume from South Korea was 4584 tons, down 17.2% month on month, accounting for 44.7% of the total import volume. In April, the amount of polysilicon imported from South Korea was 67.1% of the average monthly production capacity to South Korea, and the import volume from South Korea decreased slightly. On the one hand, it had something to do with China's reexamination investigation on South Korea. On the other hand, since the price fell to the bottom rapidly from March to April, overseas silicon sales were blocked in the downward channel, so the export of polysilicon from South Korea to China decreased significantly; second, from the United States Import prices hit bottom again. In March, the import price from the United States fell to US $10.79/kg, down 1.6% month on month, again narrowing the gap with the historical low of $10.02/kg in October 2016. Third, in April, 3430 tons of polysilicon were imported from Germany, a decrease of 21.9% on a month on month basis, accounting for 33.4% of the total imports. Although the import volume from Germany is also reduced due to the market downturn, it is still the second largest domestic import volume.

Looking forward to the future: in the fourth week of May, the mainstream transaction price increased by RMB 0.1-0.3 million / ton compared with last week, and the orders were basically orders in June. It can be seen that the downstream market demand in June is not pessimistic. In addition, the orders received at present have reached the end of August, which further confirms that the demand is still supported. Therefore, the demand for polysilicon will be guaranteed at least before July. In addition, the price of solar cells recovered to rise this week after remaining unchanged for two consecutive weeks, reflecting the continuation of terminal demand with relatively direct market sensitivity. Therefore, it is expected that polysilicon prices still have room for increase

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