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Company profile:

Jinzhou yuanyuchen Technology Co., Ltd., established in September 2015, is a high-tech production-oriented enterprise with high-end metal smelting equipment such as electron beam, plasma, medium and high-frequency, and has the right to import and export independently. The high-purity oxygen-free copper produced by the company is mainly used in the fields of electric vacuum, nuclear magnetic resonance, superconductivity and semiconductor target materials. The purity of the product is 99.999%, and the oxygen content is less than 5ppm High purity chromium is mainly used in target coating, aerospace, special steel, nuclear steel and other additives.

The company adheres to the enterprise spirit of accurate grasp of direction, precision promotion, enthusiasm embracing the world and purity creating the future. With excellent quality, Supreme Reputation and high-quality service as the business philosophy, the company wholeheartedly provides satisfactory service for customers, and develops harmoniously with customers to create the future together!

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