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High purity chromium chips (Crisp)

For the production line marking speed high efficiency and stable operation

Detailed introduction

1、 Purpose


1. The purity of chromium metal is 99% - 99.5%. It is used in alloy additives, cermets, powder metallurgy, cemented carbide, diamond tools, diamond products, electrical alloys, flux cored wire, welding materials, aluminum alloy additives, thermal spraying materials, high temperature and high wear-resistant materials, optical coating materials, chemical products, etc.


2. Purity of metal chromium is 99.5% - 99.9%. It is used for physical vapor deposition, high temperature alloy, hot isostatic pressing chromium target raw material, cermet, cemented carbide addition, welding material, diamond tool, laser cladding, spraying, etc.


3. The purity of chromium is more than 99.9%. It is used in aerospace materials, steam turbines and coated targets.


2、 Product technical index


See the attachment for the product index of chromium metal.


3、 Major domestic manufacturers


Shen Hong Group


CITIC Jinzhou Metal Co., Ltd




4、 Minimum order quantity


five kilos


5、 Inventory status


Shape of inventory: powder, small ball (big diameter 20-30mm, small diameter 10mm);


6、 Comparative data


Compared with the 3Nb series of Japan heavy chemical industry Co., Ltd., the content of metal impurities is comparable to that of the Japanese heavy chemical industry Co., Ltd., and some impurities are even lower than them. The content of oxygen and sulfur in the non-metallic impurity content is temporarily higher than their standard, but we can reduce the content of non-metallic impurities by adjusting technology. In terms of price, ours is much cheaper than that in Japan.

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